Get the Best Insurance Rate for Your Sports Car

Sports car insurance rates are usually higher than the monthly car payments for other car types. Driving a sports car makes one feel like he or she is driving a vehicle that is a cut above other cars and they attract higher insurance rates. The rationale behind such High Sports Car Insurance rate is that the probability of collision is higher due to their high speed; also, sports cars do have a high profile that makes them a high target to thieves and vandals.  Insurers, therefore, take a calculated risk against such activities, this increases the cost of insuring them.

Notwithstanding the higher car insurance rates, getting car insurance for your sports car is a must as it’s the law in many states and your car does need to be properly covered. There are however ways to get cheap insurance premiums on your sports car. Below are some tips to help you get affordable coverage if you have a sports car.

Have Good Credit

Having good credit helps lower your car insurance premium as car insurance premiums are made much higher with poor credit.

Lower Your Miles

Another way to lower your car insurance rates is to reduce the miles you drive. Car insurance is based on exposure, the less you drive your sports car, the less you are exposed to accident situations. Many car insurance companies will lower your car insurance because of lower exposure.

Add Security To Your Car

The level of security available for the car is considered when determining how much you get to pay to the insurance companies. As sports cars are high-risk vehicles, locking them up at secure garages when not in use might help lower your sports car insurance rate. If your car is fitted with top-notch security devices, your car insurance rates will reduce as these steps are aimed at reducing risks of vandalism and theft.

Cut down on Modifications on The Car.

Making a lot of modifications to your sports car will increase the cost payable to the car insurance company. If you are looking for cheap car insurance rates on your sports car, it is advisable that you reduce further modifications as that increase premiums.

Consider Labor Cost Of Repairs

Sometimes, premiums cannot be reduced if your sports car is a limited version because spares are high in value and are unlikely to reduce. Labor cost used in repairing the car is another factor that is considered when a premium is being decided. So get a car that the spares are cheap and easy to find.

Premiums depend on the usage of your car, deciding to take a limited mileage policy for your sports car would go a long way in getting cheap insurance rates. This is actually recommended in cases where you use the car only during weekends or during special occasions. It is natural that the less time a car is used, so are the chances of it being involved in an accident.

Join a Car Owners Club

Some insurance companies offer a discount to car owners who are members of a particular car owner’s club. Join it and get yours.

Your sports car insurance premium can also be reduced if you accept a higher voluntary excess of the compulsory excess that is demanded by auto insurance policies.

If you are a new driver, you can add a more experienced older driver to an insurance policy, this would help reassure the insurance company,

Car Insurers offer a variety of discounts. Look out for the ones you qualify for and get them, discounts offered includes:

o Multi-Unit

o Multi-Policy

o Safety Course

o Prior Insurance

o Renewal discount for maintaining continuous coverage


By using these strategies, you’ll have the best chance at having fun cruising in your sports car!